Christmas Sales Training & Strategies 

Achieve greater sales this Christmas with cutting edge sales training and strategies!

  • Want to make the most of the Christmas trading period?

  • Are you prepared for Christmas trading?

  • Is your team prepared for Christmas trading?

  • Do you have a strategy to maximize sales?

Most retailers don’t have a strategy to maximize sales over this crucial trading period. What’s more, most of their team members are inexperienced and poorly trained -they are often hired at the last minute and left to sink or swim. While retailers hope for the best, many do very little to position themselves for the best.

Christmas trading is a make or break time for retailers. Trade well and you set yourself up for the year. Trade poorly and you may not make it past February. For most retailers, a large chunk of their annual turnover is generated in just the few weeks leading up to Christmas. If you can increase turnover during this period by just 10%, think of how many more sales you’ll make.

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Christmas Sales Training
Retailers must do everything they can to maximize sales during this narrow window of opportunity. Our package provides everything you need to make the most of this opportunity. You’ll receive the:


Christmas Sales Strategy Guide

Which includes: 

  • Christmas Sales Strategies 
  • Christmas Sales Action Plans 
  • Ideas for creating 'theatre' and excitement in store that draws customers in 
  • Trading Checklists modelled on best practice retail disciplines, as well as our:

Customer Service and Sales Training Guide

Designed specifically for temporary staff working over Christmas and includes a:

  • Christmas Customer Service and Selling Facilitators Training Guide
  • Christmas Customer Service and Selling Workbook
  • Christmas Induction Plan 
  • Team Member Feedback and Coaching Form

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See below for a detailed outline of what’s included in each package.


Christmas Sales Strategies Package

Plan your Christmas Strategy using our easy to follow guide that provides both structure and inspiration. Included are trading plans designed specifically for Christmas and modelled on the disciplines and best practices of large established retailers.

There are ten plans in total including:

Christmas Trading Strategy Action Plans

These will help you plan your Christmas sales so you maximize every opportunity. They include a: 

  • Christmas Ideas Action Plan

  • New Customer Engagement Plan

  • In-store Eventing and Demonstration Plan 

  •  Gift Ideas Promotion Plan

Customer Journey Review

You’ll use this to review all aspects of your customers’ journey through your store to ensure you provide the best shopping environment possible.

Christmas Sales Review

You can use these on a weekly basis to review all aspects of your store to ensure it is fully optimized for trading.

Sales Improvement Action Plan

Use this to plan the specific improvements you’ll make to get your sales back on track and meet your financial objectives.

Daily Floor Walk Checklist

At the start of every day before the store opens, you’ll work through this simple checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared for the day ahead.

Daily Floor Walk Action Plan

Used in conjunction with the Daily Floor Walk checklist, this is a quick and easy way to plan all actions that need to be corrected to get the store ‘trade ready’.



Christmas Training Package

It may be our busiest time of the year, but Christmas is also when we have the most inexperienced staff employed. Unfortunately there simply isn’t enough time to provide them with the same level of training that team members employed at other times of the year receive. Bring them on too soon and profit is impacted via higher wage costs. Bring them on too late and sales are impacted via poor product knowledge, customer service and selling skills. A lot rests on the shoulders of young and inexperienced staff, so you need to ensure you provide them with the skills to succeed as quickly as possible - their success determines your success.

We’ve taken the best and most relevant knowledge, skills and techniques and created a customer service and selling package just for Christmas staff. You can deliver the package in easy bite size chunks an hour at a time, or in full over 5 hours. You can use the package to mentor sales consultants one-to-one, or facilitate to groups of up to 20.  Inside the package you’ll find a:

Christmas Customer Service and Selling Training Guide

This includes all the content and activities you need to facilitate the Christmas selling package yourself. It’s a detailed package, so you can pick and choose the most relevant topics to your store.

Christmas Customer Service and Selling Workbook

Each team member who attends your training receives a Christmas Selling and Customer Service workbook. You can easily customize the workbook to your store, incorporating your own service standards and selecting the training topics you want to cover. The workbook is fully illustrated, great to look at and easy to follow.

Christmas Induction Plan

Provided to new team members on their first day, this is a training plan that breaks down every task, skill and behavior a new team member needs to learn step by step, day by day. It’s designed for them to work through on their own and provides structure to their learning at a time when you’re too busy to. Again, it’s great to look at and very easy to follow, so it’s sure to engage new team members. It’s also designed so that you can include key policies, processes and store information in one document. You’ll need to set aside approximately two hours to customize the template to your store, but once you do you’ll have a first rate training plan you can use year after year, and not just at Christmas time but all year round.

Team Member Feedback and Coaching Forms

Coaching and feedback is important if you want team members to perform consistently to a high standard. Because time is scarce, this form is designed so you provide feedback on the most critical customer service and selling behaviours. It shouldn’t take any longer than 10 minutes to complete with each team member and is sure to keep them focused on sales over this crucial trading period.

All our packages are developed in Microsoft Word, so it’s easy for you to customize them to your business.

Make this your best Christmas ever with amazing sales strategies and training!

All of this for only US$147.00 - our special introductory offer.







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