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What is Authentic Leadership?

Authentic LeadershipAuthentic Leadership takes the most proven leadership concepts and translates them into easy to understand techniques with an abundance of activities and skills practice for learning to last.  While it is practical, it is certainly not rudimentary - even the most experienced managers will gain new skills and insights. 

How it works

This course will take your people on a journey that will demystify human behavior.  They will learn practical skills and strategies to cope with the most challenging team members, while learning how to fully engage their high achievers.  They will gather the key ingredients of outstanding leaders, and pull them together creating a recipe for success.   They will operate at a higher level of emotional astuteness than before, and in doing so, will earn greater respect and trust from their team.  Their focus will be on achieving excellence for themselves and their team, using the techniques they have been taught.

Key topics include:

  1. Understanding how our preferences for living, gathering information and making decisions differ, and how these differences can influence behaviour
  2. Understanding the ABC's of human behavior - Antecedents, Behaviour and Consequences, and how to use antecedents and consequences to influence behavior
  3. How to hold courageous conversations in a variety of situations
  4. Helping team members realize their own need for change
  5. How to adapt leadership styles to meet the development needs of each team member
  6. How to set goals
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What is included?

Everything you need to customize a leadership training solution is in this one complete package.  It's designed so that you have a full toolbox from which to select those skills that best meet the needs of your group.  For example, you may decide to run the entire course with new managers and just the advanced segments with senior managers.

We have tested several leadership theories, techniques and skills on thousands of managers from seasoned through to those just starting out.  For a one off investment of US$497 you receive the very best retail management training, skills, techniques and exercises and:   

  1. Discussion worksheets
  2. Self-awareness surveys
  3. Hand-outs 
  4. Action plans 
  5. Case studies
  6. Fun exercises
  7. Relevant skills practice scenarios
  8. Numerous examples and stories to help cement learning
  9. Illustrated posters to print out and place in the training room.   Posters have been designed to capture key leadership principals, making them easier to remember. 
  10. Exercises participants can work on back in their workplace to help embed key learnings and maintain the learning momentum in between formal training sessions.

What you can expect

  1. A fun, impactful, dynamic workshop that results in improved leadership skills, motivation and confidence 
  2. A course that incorporates just the right amount of theory, in order to provide context, with an emphasis on practical skills and techniques 
  3. Participants to leave with higher levels of confidence - as the course is strongly geared towards skills practice and case studies - giving participants the opportunity to cement their learning
  4. A team of willing participants that embrace the course and look forward to what is covered next
  5. Content and exercises to be different to other courses your team have been on, so it's new and exciting
  6. Just the right level of theory with loads of exercises, case studies and activities to keep it interesting and practical

Transformational, inspirational, practical and dynamic!  Even those managers who have been on leadership courses before will leave with new insights, skills and techniques to bring out the best in people.   There are numerous exercises, case studies, action plans and skills practice scenarios to reinforce key learnings and to form a complete learning solution.

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