Training Guide 5 - Maximise the value of every sale

Customers are hungry for ideas. Great sales consultants provide a steady stream of ideas that inspire, excite and delight their customers.

In this section we provide tools and techniques which will enable your team to increase average sales value. Sales professionals will:

  1. Change their perception of add-on sales and start looking at them as ideas and options that can actually enhance a client's purchase and benefit them in the long run; rather than seeing them as something they must offer in order to increase their average sales per transaction KPI
  2. Identify what LTP's are holding them back from offering additional products to their clients
  3. Plan the top five convenience items, and how to position the need for them during a sale
  4. Learn how to start assessing which additional products/services are suitable for each client early on in the consultation, and 
  5. Learn how to position them
  6. Identify their top ten selling items (safe items) and develop a plan to sell across their entire range, rather than just a narrow range
  7. Learn the most effective way of positioning higher valued products and packages 
  8. Learn when and how to position the next model up through the technique 'Equalize then Separate'.  
  9. Use add-ons and upsells to plan for future sales with existing clients


  • 3 interesting stories to explain concepts and add variety to your training
  • 1 hand-outs that captures key concepts team members can use as quick reference guides
  • 4 group exercises to help convey key learning's and to add energy and fun to the training
  • 2 individual exercises for each team members self-awareness, personal growth and development
  • 7 action plans to help them move forward

Free Sales Assessment Tool
I absolutely love delivering these courses – participant feedback is awesome!