Training Guide 4 - Personalize client solutions and deliver impactful presentations

There is no magic formula for selling. But there are skills your team can develop. One of these skills is being able to adapt your selling style to each customer. Great sales consultants are highly curious individuals. They find everything about their customers fascinating. They study each one, and use these learning's to help them with future customers. They are the 'profilers' of the retail word.

In this section we provide tools and techniques which will enable your team to:

  1. Use three simple questioning techniques equipping them to quickly identify the best possible solution for each customer
  2. Develop strategic questions for all key categories that enable them to:
    1. Find out about future purchases the customer may have in mind
    2. Plant the seed for additional products 
    3. Open the customer up to explore products with additional features and technology
    4. Learn what the customer values most, so they know whether to emphasize value or quality (you'd be amazed at how many sales people just assume the customer wants what's cheapest)
  3. Learn how to build rapport and trust through supportive questioning techniques
  4. Understand the skills of empathetic listening and assess their own listening competence 
  5. Learn how to quickly and easily personalize solutions to each client
  6. Develop and tailor their presentation styles to each shopper personality, including tailoring their language for each one
  7. Apply 5 simple powerful demonstration techniques to maximize customer interest and engagement 
  8. Deliver impactful presentations and sales pitches in half the time


  • 4 interesting stories to explain concepts and add variety to your training
  • 7 group exercises to help convey key learning's and to add energy and fun to the training
  • 4 individual exercises for each team members self-awareness, personal growth and development
  • 5 action plans to help them move forward

Free Sales Assessment Tool
I absolutely love delivering these courses – participant feedback is awesome!