Training Guide 3 - Improve customer engagement with advanced communication and influencing skills

Most retail training programs teach that to really connect with your customer, start with a non-business, original and humorous greeting. But that's wrong!  There are no 'rules of engagement'.  People can't be won over that easily - they're not that naïve!

In this section we provide advanced communication and influencing tools and techniques which will enable your team to:

  1. Understand the importance of awareness and adaption in building rapport and forming lifelong partnerships
  2. Understand how to quickly build trust through the 'Playground Rule' and by playing to the shopper ego
  3. Understand that clients have different personalities and learn how to adapt to each one
  4. Be able to identify their own natural personality style and the strengths and limitations of it
  5. Be able to build rapport with all clients regardless of their background and personality
  6. Understand customer buying motives, and learn techniques to bridge the gap between the customer's desired future and their current reality
  7. Be able to apply quick and easy techniques for building rapport with all customers 
  8. Have a clear understanding of what drives customer purchasing decisions
  9. Understand how we each have different preferences in how we like to receive information and make decisions
  10. Tailor their language to each shopper personality


  • 3 interesting stories to explain concepts and add variety to your training
  • 2 hand-outs  that capture key concepts team members can use as quick reference guides
  • 4 group exercises to help convey key learning's and to add energy and fun to the training
  • 1 individual exercise for each team members self-awareness, personal growth and development  

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I absolutely love delivering these courses – participant feedback is awesome!