Training Guide 2 - Develop proactive selling behaviors to ensure a steady stream of sales even during quiet periods

Great consultants don't wait for sales, they plan for them.

Customer trading patterns may come in peaks and troughs, but the sheer number of tasks in retail provides some degree of continuity. There is always something to do and plan for. Great sales consultants use every opportunity when they are not with customers to plan for, prepare for, and follow up on their customers

In this section we provide tools and techniques to enable you team to:

  1. Identify which selling behaviors are proactive and which are reactive
  2. Commit to demonstrating more proactive selling behaviors and develop strategies to do so
  3. Learn how to focus on the sales account (the life time value of the customer) and not just the sales event
  4. Learn quick and easy ways to maintain and nurture existing relationships, in order to bank future sales
  5. Learn how to grow their business through the ripple effect
  6. Develop a plan to reengage and connect with existing clients
  7. Know how to structure their week and work to a structured weekly plan
  8. Understand all other tasks that need to be completed besides selling, and fit these into the most appropriate time slot during their week
  9. Know how to plan for sales during quite periods
  10. Learn how to maximize sales during busy periods
  11. Establish, grow and work a loyal customer database that seeks them out in the first instance whenever they have a purchasing need


  • 8 interesting stories to explain concepts and add variety to your training
  • 6 hand-outs that capture key sales planning concepts team members can use as quick reference guides
  • 13 group exercises to help convey key learning's and to add energy and fun to the training
  • 7 individual exercises for each team members self-awareness, personal growth and development
  • 4 action plans action plans to help them move forward

Free Sales Assessment Tool
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