Training Guide 1 - Unleash the sales drive, determination and motivation of your team! 

Retail is a contact sport, you can expect a few knocks. You need a certain level of mental toughness and unending optimism to make it in sales.

There is a belief that anyone can work it retail.  But not anyone can. Retail is an entry level profession in which the majority of new entrants exit. Why?  It's tough.  Especially if you're a 'people person' - which is what sales managers continually recruit. A 'people person' has a strong need to be liked, and win approval and praise from others - customers, colleagues and managers alike. They lack resilience - the bounce back factor, and the minute they are faced with rejection, often fall flat on the ground. You need a certain level of mental toughness and unending optimism to make it in sales. Not anyone can sell. But, with the right coaching they can learn techniques to increase their drive, determination and resilience.

It's important you first create a mind-set for success in your sales team, before introducing new selling skills and techniques.

  • Success = Skills x Motivation.

All the skills in the world are wasted if your team lacks motivation.

This training guide focuses on helping your team get excited and motivated to sell! You'll receive all the latest tools and techniques to enable your team to:

  • Identify creative solutions to help them achieve greater sales
  • Unleash unprecedented levels of motivation and drive
  • Pinpoint which  limited thinking patterns are holding them back and learn how to overcome them
  • Exit the Red Zone - the zone of pain and excuses for why they can't achieve greater sales
  • Enter the Green Zone - the zone of opportunities and solutions for how they can achieve greater sales
  • Shift their focus to the present, away from the pain of previous sales failures or the fear of future sales losses


  • 8 interesting stories to explain concepts and add variety to your training
  • 5 awesome illustrated hand-outs which can also be blown up and used as posters
  • 9 group exercises to help convey key learning's and to add energy and fun to the training
  • 4 individual exercises for each team members self-awareness, personal growth and development
  • 3 action plans to help them move forward

Free Sales Assessment Tool
I absolutely love delivering these courses – participant feedback is awesome!