Sales Training Package for Trainers of Sales Teams

What is Authentic Selling?

Authentic Selling is a ground breaking and proven sales training program based on modern day principles that are innovative and real - not steps that are antiquated and prescriptive!

Authentic Selling is a holistic training program that focuses first on creating a mind-set of success and then on developing the skills for success, so you can rest assured that the training you deliver results in life changing behaviors.

Unlike Any Other Sales Course

Our program is tried and true.  Only the best sales techniques, content and exercises have been included. Even those sales people who have been on numerous selling courses will leave with new insights, perspectives and techniques. This is a completely new selling course, unlike any other selling course on the market.

Based on the Profiling of Multi-Millionaire Salespeople

Authentic Selling was developed by profiling and modelling the skills and techniques of multi-millionaire salespeople. We have uncovered a completely new sales approach that breaks away from the traditional six steps to selling.

You will learn techniques that will result in unprecedented levels of:

  1. Motivation and drive in salespeople
  2. Customer rapport and engagement
  3. Customer loyalty and repeat business
  4. Increased basket size through add-ons and upselling
  5. Sales
  6. Team morale

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How it works

The Authentic Selling program inspires and enables success.

  1. First we start by stripping away urban sales myths - false beliefs about selling based on ‘steps’ or ‘rules’ that sales people have been taught in the past. These ‘rules’ are based on selling in the perfect world, not the real world. They don’t allow for the complex interpersonal dynamics and challenges our people face on a daily basis. 
  2. Then we introduce real, refreshing principles your team can relate to.
  3. Finally we develop the specific skills of successful sales people that are both ground-breaking and proven.

This is not a restrictive approach to selling.

  1. We don’t believe selling is a process (contrary to the stance of many training providers). Nor do we believe there is a magic formula for success.
  2. Selling cannot be confined to a series of steps that ultimately lead the customer to the cash register.
  3. Selling is a human interaction, not a transaction.
  4. Successful sales consultants operate at a higher level of emotional astuteness than others. Their approach is fluid, not prescriptive. Their focus is on making a connection, not a sale, and in doing so they are being authentic - and authentic selling is successful selling.

What is included

You don’t need to spend thousands upfront and incur on-going royalty costs to give your sales team the best training.  Everything you need to customize a retail sales training solution is in this one complete package - it has been tested on thousands of sales people from those working in big ticket boutique stores, to those working in large format, high turnaround department stores.

Receive the latest, innovative principles and skills of sales excellence and:

  1. 220+ page facilitators guide packed with tips, techniques, exercises
  2. Cleverly illustrated hand-outs that capture key selling concepts, making them easier to remember
  3. 30+ exercises that are engaging, impactful, fun and unique  
  4. Numerous examples and stories to help cement learning
  5. Read more about what's inside the Retail Sales Training Program

What you can expect

There are numerous tips and techniques, exercises, hand-outs, worksheets and action plans to reinforce key learning's and to form a complete learning solution. You can expect:

  1. A fun, impactful, dynamic workshop that results in improved sales
  2. A team of willing participants that embrace the course and look forward to what is covered next, as opposed to when it’s finished
  3. Content and exercises that are new and refreshing - different to other courses you or your team have been on

Take pride in delivering a program that is real and refreshing, fun and dynamic, powerful and impactful. Have a room full of active participants and not prisoners

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