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We offer a complete retail training program; each one based on years of research and testing on thousands of participants. Only the best skills, techniques and exercises have been included; so you as the facilitator can rest assured you'll have a group of active participants, not prisoners!

You don't need to spend thousands upfront and incur ongoing royalty costs to give your team the best training available. Take pride in delivering programs that are real and refreshing, fun and dynamic, powerful and different.


Employee & Staff Handbook - Induction Program & Plan/Template - $27.00

When new staff members join your team, there are four things you need to do to set them up for success:

  1. Communicate key company information, including policies and procedures
  2. Set selling and service expectations
  3. Plan and structure learning, and
  4. Provide coaching and feedback

Our retail training employee handbook provides the tools to help you achieve all this for only $27.00

Customer Service Training - Retail Sales Training  

Customer Service and Sales Training Program - US$77.00

Designed especially for Sales Managers and Trainers wanting a complete service and selling training solution - the program provides seven solutions for standout service and selling.

We've taken the best techniques and created the perfect customer service and selling package for managers wanting to rapidly up-skill and transform their sales team.  Perfect for both new and existing team members

The package provides the perfect selling foundation for brand-new sales team members, while building the skills and knowledge of experienced team members.

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Retail Sales Training Program - US$497.00

This ground breaking sales training program is based on modern-day principles that are real and refreshing. Techniques have been tested on thousands of sales people, so they're proven to work. This is not like any other sales course - it's a completely new sales course. Even experienced sales people will leave with new insights, perspectives and skills. Get the competitive advantage and unleash the potential in your team.

Tried and true, only proven sales techniques have been included in this easy to follow 220+ page program packed with exercises, hand-outs and action plans.

Learn more about the Authentic Selling Program

Retail Management - Coaching and Leadership Program - US$497.00

This program takes the most proven leadership concepts and translates them into easy to understand techniques that can be applied to almost any coaching situation.

We've tested several leadership theories and techniques on thousands of managers and included only the best in our program. All skills are taught with plenty of examples and exercises, making practical application easy; so both confidence and capability soar.

Learn more about the Authentic Leadership Program

Beauty Sales Training Program - US$497.00

Developed specifically for Beauty Consultants, there is no program like it on the market. We've captured all the secrets of top beauty sellers, so you can replicate their success with your team.

Our program includes 260+ pages of tips and techniques to teach Beauty Consultants absolutely everything they need to grow their business and achieve sales success.

Learn more about the Authentic Beauty Selling Program



Christmas Customer Service and Selling Training Guide - US$147.00

Don't leave your Christmas trading to chance. Here's everything you need to plan and prepare for Christmas sales.

Free Sales Assessment Tool
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