Why Retail Training Suite?

Disillusioned with the content of other sales courses, we embarked on creating our own. But we wanted our course to make more than just a difference to sales, we wanted it to make a difference to lives. And so we set about creating a mind-set for success and imprinting a vision for excellence which we believe impacts both the professional and personal lives of sales people. Our program provides the specific skills and techniques needed in order to achieve this vision for success.

We've seen many courses increase motivation and results in the short term, but we wanted to develop courses that brought about long lasting results and life changing behaviors. Because our training connects to peoples' hearts and minds, it brings about transformational change. As a facilitator you'll notice that change as you deliver it; you will see the 'lights go on' so to speak. As a manager you will notice that change the minute your team members return to their workplace as you observe a shift in attitudes and behaviors.

Tried and Tested Retail Training Programs

Our team of instructional designers have combined their years of experience to develop training solutions you will be proud to deliver to your retail and sales training staff.

As professional facilitators, they know too well the time and costs involved in designing or purchasing retail training products and the risks in rolling out training that is unproven. It costs a lot of money to take team members out of the business for training and so when you do,  you want to be assured it’s worth it.

We've researched hundreds of concepts from various sources to pull together the best of the best. Every activity, case study and skills practice scenario has been tried and tested hundreds of times, and continually refined until it works perfectly. Only the most value adding retail sales tips and techniques made the cut, so you can rest assured what’s included is exceptional.

Our courses are extremely comprehensive. They’re designed so that you have a full toolbox from which to select those skills that best meet the needs of your group. Or you can simply run each course in its entirety.

Best of all, you don’t need to be a trainer to deliver them. Each course is easy to follow and can be delivered in bite size chunks, or full days. They can be run with one participant or many.

Our products look great too. They are expertly designed, with a fresh look, exceptional layout and illustrations to reinforce key concepts.

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