See what a difference the Authentic Selling program has made to sales teams large and small, industry wide....

Insurance Industry

Chaze Nalisa, Senior Learning Facilitator, Old Mutual Life Assurance Company   

Authentic Selling training has been received so well by the entire business. Our sale agents are super excited and say it's interesting, beyond what they expected, and out of the usual "rigid instructions" on selling.
As a trainer I find it extremely refreshing and it certainly is authentic, it allows participants to actually express themselves and gives room to the trainer to actually be a facilitator and not "teacher". It sets a conducive atmosphere for productive discussions.

I'm glad that I came across your site. Your work is outstanding.

Small Retailer

Roxanne Laney, Owner & General Manager, Shoot Smart Indoor Range & Training Center

The retail training guides helped us a lot! We have purchased both the regular retail training guides and the ones specific to the Christmas retail season. We are in the firearms business and each of our indoor ranges have a Pro Shop. We hire nice, outgoing people with some firearms experience. We need to train on retail skills, and the training really helped our staff overcome their reluctance to approach customers, to help one another with a sale, and to follow through with customers who do not buy the first time we speak with them. The retail training guides from Authentic Training contain a ton of good ideas, good advice, and excellent exercises. Our staff ended up enjoying training sessions that they dreaded when required to attend. We highly recommend them.

Large Retailer

Krista Holthe, Retail Operations Manager, Murchie's Tea & Coffee

We are currently working through our Authentic Selling and have had great feedback from our Store Managers. They were very excited to have tools to bring back to store level. We have completed four sessions with them and they are very eager for more. Some even asked when they can have the full course to bring back to their teams. I'm working through the next four sessions customizing the content to suit our needs. I'm finding a lot of great information and editing, as the course allows and has the flexibility to do so.

Training Consultant

Jan Swanson, XstreamCoach.com

As a training consultant, I was looking for a training program that would appear custom for each client.  I also wanted a package that that would motivate and inspire sales professionals, while giving them the tools to succeed.   As a consultant my purpose is to add value, and so you look for new ideas and solutions that make a real difference to your clients. What I love about this selling package is how fresh and exciting it is.  There are lots of exercises, hand-outs, action-plans and stories that are interesting and really engage your audience, because the last thing you want are bored participants!  The selling techniques and principles break away from traditional prescriptive approaches, focusing instead on customer engagement and influencing techniques. The Authentic Selling program provides a fantastic base from which to build your sales training, enhance existing materials, or simply pick up and run. It’s real and impactful and I strongly recommend it.


Here are other clients who are also benefiting from our training packages:

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  • Guthy Renker
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  • John Lewis
  • Plus numerous independent businesses and training providers worldwide

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Simply decide what selling skills and behaviours you want your team to improve on and download the targeted training intervention to match. There are six training guides/interventions to choose from, all focusing on a different skill-set and all just $97!

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