Creating a Winning Work Environment - The Optimism Coaching Model

How do you Create Positive Workplace Experiences?

Creating more positive experiences to promote well-being in your work place, doesn't need to be hard. Here are some simple examples:

  • Have more fun! Laugh more. Encourage moments of storytelling, joke telling, laughter and so on. Take time for social activities and game playing at work. The worlds most successful businesses, foster innovation by encouraging staff to take time out for a bit of fun at work. Invest in a ping pong table, or some other activity that can bring people together.   
  • Connect more. Encourage moments of sharing and connecting. Talk about your kids, weekends, holidays. These are all positive experiences, so bring them to work! Remember it's all about positive psychology . You want to encourage your staff to access positive emotions at work, so this flows into their work. By talking about what makes them happy, they're going to feel happy. By accessing positive emotions, they're going to feel positive. Furthermore, if they feel connected to you and their colleagues, they're going to feel connected to your customers.
  • Celebrate more. I'm not talking about just celebrating individual sales achievements, but look for an excuse to celebrate everything - birthdays, sporting events, cup days, national holidays, team goals, new leads, successfully dealing with a grumpy customer! Anything you can think of to get them in the winning mood.
  • Inspire each other. Share inspirational quotes and stories. We live in the social age - there are stories galore about overcoming adversities and struggles to succeed. Draw on the principles of these stories and talk about how they translate to the selling world. Join our twitter and facebook pages, for motivational stories you can share with your team.
  • Finally, anchor success. Set small mini goals each week. Like calling five customers you haven't heard from in a while, trying to connect with five potential clients through linked-in, doing a competitor call or shop to research their sales tactics, reading one new selling article and writing down one idea you'll put into practice etc. It's the practice of setting goals and achieving them that you want to anchor. Starting small is smart, as that way they'll achieve more, more frequently. You want to get them used to the feeling of striving and achieving so that it becomes part and parcel of everyday life.

It comes back to what I've been emphasising time and time again - if you want to achieve better results, you've got to focus on the behaviours that drive these results.

If you want to win, you've got to create a winning atmosphere

Notice how, when it's on, it's all on! When you're busy, you're really busy. When you're winning, you're on a winning streak! This is not a coincidence. When you're successful, you're more motivated, your energy levels are higher, you're more productive, your less hesitant. You're thinking like a winner, and so you're more likely to win!

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