Coaching for Improved Performance - the Optimism Model

“You’re only as good as your last sale” is a belief that dominates many salespeople and is the undertone of many sales cultures.

Fear-based Motivation

Too many sales companies use fear of failure to spur their sales people on. But is this healthy? And is it right to expect human beings to live in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety. While this fear may motivate some sales people to take drastic action to improve their results, it’s unsustainable and overtime, they burn out. It can also lead to questionable selling practices that jeopardise your business in the long run.

Work-place Optimism

Instead, we need to create and anchor as many positive interactions as we can in our workplaces - not just the ones that are sales related. We need our sales teams to be less dependent on wining sales to provide that winning feeling. They need to grab on to as many positive experiences as they can, when and wherever we can. Why? Because it’s the feeling of wining that creates a sense of optimism, and when you're optimistic, you feel in control, and when you feel in control - you can tackle anything, even the most challenging sales situations!

Too many sales people don’t feel in control. Their whole internal dialogue is centred on fear and failure - “I’ve got to get this sale, or I’m a failure. I’ve got to convert this lead, or I’m in trouble”.  Instead, we need to help them tune into as many positive, present moment experiences as they can to create a lift in mood, and in turn success.

How do you Create Positive Workplace Experiences?

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