Retail Training - A Blueprint for Success

Retail training needs to be short and sharp, focused on providing staff with the precise skills they need to reach sales targets asap!

There are generally six or seven things top performers consistently do that mediocre employees don’t. If managers focus training retail staff on these key behaviors, a noticeable lift in sales and service will occur.

Great retailers communicate service standards from day one, train to them and coach to them. There isn’t just one thing that makes the difference to service and selling, but lots of little things. It’s a continual journey and so there are a number of training tools managers need along the way.

Set Expectations from Day One

The key to successfully training retail staff starts on day one. An employee handbook and induction plan is a must for communicating clear and consistent messages and ensuring staff know what’s expected of them and what to focus on. Check out what should be included in an employee handbook here.

Create a Customer Service Team Plan

Great retailers also have customer service team plans with goals that they continually revisit. They encourage their team to continually ask ‘where are we at and where do we need to be’? Great managers realize they get more of what they focus on, and so they keep their team focused on these service goals. They use every time a new team member comes on board as a great opportunity to revisit the plan and engage their team.

Train Critical Skills

Once a manager has communicated service standards and focused their entire team on them, it’s time to train to them. Many team members lack the skills required, like up-selling for example, and so it’s not enough to communicate importance, managers need to show how. A great training package is essential for providing staff with selling tips and techniques. It must also be quick and easy to deliver, so it doesn't impinge on store trading activities. Check out our customer service training package for just $77.

Catch-up Fortnightly

Finally, great retailers focus their fortnightly catch-ups on these critical skills and behaviors. Too many managers have no structure to their coaching sessions, and so they have little impact. They spend too much time talking about results, and not enough focusing on the behaviors that lead to the results. Our customer service training package also includes a coaching a feedback form you can use to hold coaching conversations with staff.

Invest in a World Class Training Solution

We have developed an entire suite of training and coaching tools to help retailers increase service and sales. From induction plans, customer service team plans, coaching and feedback forms and advanced sales training, everything a manager could possibly need is at their finger-tips. In a ‘done for you’ format our training is easy and fun to deliver. Best of all, it contains the very best retail training tips from around the world which means managers ? regardless of their budget, can deliver a world class training solution themselves from as little as $27.

For a limited time you can access the employee handbook and customer service training package for just $77.
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