Customer Service Training and The Missing Ingredient

According to a global study by American Express, in the past year, over half (55%) of consumers intended to make a purchase but decided not to because of poor customer service.

Managers need to take heed - better customer service training is needed as bored, apathetic staff members are the biggest risk to businesses today.

You don’t need to conduct a global study to realize poor customer service is endemic - just take a stroll through your local mall. It appears as though one key ingredient is missing from customer service training today - the care factor. 

When we go shopping there is one thing we always take with us - our ego. And the ego says take an interest in me, respect me, care about me.  If the ego’s needs are not met, the ego goes elsewhere. The care factor is what’s missing in a lot of customer interactions. It's the reason why 55% of customers choose to shop elsewhere.

Most businesses have service standards and do their best to enforce them, but because there is a lack of care and commitment from staff, as soon as the manager’s back is turned, bored, apathetic behaviors surface. Instead of focusing on compliance, managers need to focus on creating a culture of care. By doing so, they’ll win the sales other companies lose to poor service time and time again.

For training to be effective, it needs to connect with people's hearts and minds. Retail training that focuses solely on skills and standards does little to increase service in the long run as there is no real motivation and commitment from staff.

Our training is different. It's designed to help managers transform their service culture to one of greater care and commitment. Developed especially for small retailers that don't have a lot of time for retail training, our customer service training package provides seven simple solutions for standout service and selling.

It's quick, easy and fun to deliver and only costs $77. The package is a great way to boost morale and team engagement, while at the same time increasing service and sales. For businesses wanting to increase care and commitment to customer service, it's the perfect training package.

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