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Why Beauty Consultants Don't Sell - How to Move from Wall Flower to Beauty Seller.

Beauty Consultants are often attracted to selling cosmetics because they like cosmetics, or they like aspects of the job that involve working with cosmetics like giving makeovers and performing skin consultations. They don't choose a career in retail; they choose a career in beauty. Their first love is the beauty product - talking about the product, demonstrating the product and wearing the product.

What beauty consultants don't love is actively selling the product. Sure, they're perfectly fine when clients come to them and enquire about a moisturizer for example. They'll provide them with a skin consultation, and recommend a product perfect for them. But on a Monday morning, when the customers are few and far between, they wait patiently like Wall Flowers behind the counter on the outskirts of the retail floor.

They're not working their database. They're not seeking out opportunities. They're not planning their sales for the rest of the week - but waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a customer to pick them to talk to.

Beauty Schools don't provide sales training. They teach how to give makeovers but not how to sell makeup or skincare - our program teaches them how.

Cosmetics Houses provide product knowledge training, but they don't provide sales training. While the usual sales programs provide a foundation to selling, they don't teach the specifics to cosmetics selling like "how to get the customer into the chair", and once they've got them in the chair how to build trust and maximize sales.  

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