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Unleash the sales potential in your team with our ground-breaking Authentic Selling Training program, the same one used by leading retailers and training consultants worldwide!

Take pride in delivering programs that are real and refreshing, fun and dynamic, powerful and proven and...

Cost less than the price of sending one team member to a single external training course.

Only the best sales skills, techniques and exercises have been included. Each sales training program is based on years of research and testing on thousands of participants.

You don't have to pay a consultant to design a package for you, or pay for a trainer to deliver it to your team. 

You don't need to spend thousands upfront and incur on-going royalty costs to give your team the best retail training and sales training available.

Authentic Selling Training Program

Everything you need to up-skill your selling team is in this one package:

  • Unleash the sales drive, determination and motivation in your team! 

  • Develop proactive selling behaviors that ensure a steady stream of sales during quiet periods

  • Learn how to manage and nurture the sales account, as opposed to just focusing on the sales event

  • Learn quick and easy ways to maintain existing relationships, in order to bank future sales

  • Improve customer engagement with advanced communication and influencing skills

  • Deliver impactful presentations and sales pitches in half the time

  • Learn how to run sales demonstrations that really draw your customers in 

  • Learn how to quickly and easily personalize solutions to each client   

  • Increase basket size using three simple techniques  

  • Learn creative solutions for overcoming selling road blocks

  • Close more sales

  • Grow a loyal client base that seeks your team out time and time again 

  • Be regarded as the experts in your field!

And much more....

Start your sales training for just $97

Our Authentic Selling program is unique because it trains to the specific skills and behaviors of top sales professionals; while other programs teach a sales process or steps of selling. By profiling the skills and behaviors of millionaire sales people, we identified exactly what they do differently. Then we developed training inventions to help others reach their level of success.

So, if you want to try a new approach to sales training - without paying the earth - try ours!


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We have a range of training programs to choose from, each focused on a specific need. 

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What is included

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How it works

Our retail employee training  and sales training courses are extremely comprehensive. They are designed so that you have a full toolbox from which to select those skills that best meet the needs of your group - or you can simply run each course in its entirety.

What's more, you don't need to be a trainer to deliver these courses. Each one is easy to follow and can be delivered in bite size chunks, or full days. They can be run with one participant or many.

Simply purchase and download each package of interest and you'll receive tons of retail training resources to select from.

What you can expect

Our training is designed to be dynamic and interactive, so it totally absorbs the learner.

There are numerous exercises, hand-outs, worksheets and action plans to reinforce key learning's and to form a complete learning solution. You can expect:

  • A fun, impactful, dynamic workshop that results in improved skills, confidence and motivation
  • A team of willing participants that embrace the training and look forward to what is covered next, as opposed to when it's finished
  • Training that incorporate just the right amount of theory, in order to provide context, with an emphasis on practical skills and techniques
  • Numerous exercises, case studies, action plans and activities to help your team hone their selling skills 
  • Content and exercises to be different to other courses you or your team have been on. Our courses are fresh and exciting!

Even participants who have been on previous courses will leave with new insights, perspectives and techniques.

As a facilitator or manager, you carry a lot of responsibility in bringing out the best in people and helping them realize their goals. Recognizing the important role you play, we want to give you the very best tools to enable you to enable others.  You can rest assured that every skill, technique and exercise in our program is designed with this in mind. For a small investment, you can access these skills and unleash the potential in your retail sales team.

Click, Customize and Deliver - it's simple and best of all, it's brilliant!


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